Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC) Call Facilitation Coordinator

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Edmonton International Airport is a self-funded, not-for-profit corporation whose mandate is to drive economic prosperity for the Edmonton Region. EIA is Canada’s fastest-growing major airport over the past 10 years, the fifth-busiest airport by passenger traffic and the largest major Canadian airport by land area. EIA offers non-stop connections to 60 destinations across Canada, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. At EIA you become part of a tightly knit team, working in a supportive environment, dedicated to fulfilling our vision of more flights to more places.


This position is accountable for supporting the effective operations of Edmonton Airports by handling the various airport calls and subsequently administering the coordination and planning of activities. This Coordinator will be a central point of contact for the Airport Operations including but not limited to tenants, airlines, internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and passengers through the call process. The AOCC Call Facilitation Coordinator monitors real time airport operations data and is the initial point of contact to react accordingly in the execution of the Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and standards. This position creates a positive experience for all airport users and supports continual enhancement of exceptional passenger experience while meeting stakeholder and regulatory requirements. This role will work in close conjunction with other Coordinators as members on a multi-tasking team.

You might be wondering what you can expect in a typical day at work. Every day will bring new opportunities, focusing on key responsibilities, including:
• Handle incoming calls by acting as a central point of coordination contact for airport operations communications. Monitors multiple radio channels and phone lines, determining the appropriate responder(s) or resource to attend, and recording all actions related to operational events.
o Triage calls for priority and severity
o Dispatch resources as required and provide status updates based on established operating procedures
o Initiate and track events as they are occurring
o Initiate notification system for events impacting the Airport Community
o Support completion of incident reports and/or work orders related to occurring events
• Document and report all complaints, problems, incidents, events, activities, deficiencies, or concerns and communicate through the daily summary. Daily administrative reporting will include daily summary reports and completion of incident reporting.
• Participate as needed through call dispatch and coordination and as directed during emergency incidents, monitor the event and record actions and decisions. Implement actions as requested by the AOCC (Airport Operations Control Centre) or Manager, Airport Terminal Operations.
• Observe and Respond to Facility Monitoring Systems as required by protocols and procedures, such as Lightening Detection, Fire Alarm System, Ground Base Radar, Ultra Client, Abloy Key Management
• Provide Daily Operational Resource Administration & Coordination to support the efficient operating of Gates, Off Gates, Baggage Make up Units, Baggage Race tracks, Check In Counters and Collaboration with Airline Stakeholders to solution scheduling conflicts and react to flight delays and cancellations
• Collaborate with the Communications team as needed and as directed to provide responses to events that impact guest experience including service disruptions, peak hour issues, weather, etc.
• Accountable for supporting the capacity management program that works towards efficient operations delivery in all situations which include but is not limited to departure metering, winter events, irregular operations etc.
• Provide support to Safety & Security through monitoring, educating and conducting enforcement of the Airport Security Program;
o Ensure compliance of, respond to and coordinate mitigation of breeches of security and non-compliance of the Airport Security Program
o Inspect physical security equipment/systems to ensure conformance
o Monitor the security and safety of the Primary Security Line
• Monitors customer service requirements through calls and communication to support the customer service philosophy which does or may include involvement with:
o Phone calls from the public
o Customer service contractors
o Customer service programs: Lost and Found, Stranded Travellers etc.
o Monitors Feedback, EIA Team and Comment Card emails
o Assists with response to social media feedback

Special Requirements

• Minimum of 5 years experience in the aviation industry or airport environment
• Preference given to a graduate of a recognized program in Aviation Management or Airport Operations
• Must have knowledge of rules, regulations, and procedures, including safety procedures. Policies and procedures related to operations/communications and emergency procedures manual special response plans
• Understanding of roles and responsibilities under the Emergency Procedures Manual
• Knowledge of telecommunications systems, which include transmission, broadcasting and switching systems and computerized databases
• Advanced technology skills to ensure high administrative capabilities, including experience as an Advanced Ultra user, experience with BI systems required for monitoring and call facilitation, and moderate skills/experience with Excel
• Baggage System knowledge and experience is required to support the triaging process for call handling
• Advanced knowledge on all Microsoft Suite products
• Advance Ultra User, knowledge & experience
• Knowledge and ability to coordinate and administrate the operation of the baggage processing system in conjunction with 3rd party support and facility maintenance
• Demonstrated the successful use of social processing skills at an interpersonal level. Strong interpersonal skills are a requirement that can help navigate complexity, change and day-to-day tasks.
• Ability to build and maintain strong relationships deal with tenants, passengers and internal & external stakeholders.
• Effective communications skills verbal and written combined with the ability to facilitate communication between cross functional teams and service partners
• Ability to be flexible and adapt to constant change
• Ability to maintain professionalism, confidentiality and discretion under all circumstances
• Ability to work independently and display decision making skills
• Must secure and maintain appropriate airport security clearance and acceptable criminal records check

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Start Date: August 4, 2022

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